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Connectivity for “Digital Buildings”: What, Why and How

William MacGowan

Speaker: William MacGowan, Cisco Canada

Organizations around the world strive to drive cost out of their operations while operating in a responsible and sustainable fashion. Those same organizations are competing for top talent and are constantly looking for ways to create that connected, collaborative and flexible workplace experience to boost their employees’ engagement, creativity and productivity.

How do you win that battle? Connectivity within Digital Buildings offers the perfect opportunity to satisfy those key business objectives. Connectivity not only decreases building energy consumption, overall OpEx and CapEx, but also delivers a unique and personalized experience to tenants that improves mobility, comfort, safety and productivity.



The building blocks of an IoT solution

Speaker: Nidal Qwasmi, IoT Solution Manager, IBM Canada

“We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us.” — Winston Churchill.

These words show the leader’s thought about how building’s design influence our personality. This also supported by a study that shows corporate spending on average 112X the amount of money on people as on energy costs in the workplace. Hence, our focus should be on the human aspect of the building and how we can increase their productivity. Optimize resources usage (energy, water, HVAC, cleaning supplies, …etc.), increase operational efficiency, optimize building maintenance, and improve services are becoming the drivers for improving occupant’s productivity and personality in the workspace. In this session we will shed light on how IoT solutions can help improve occupant’s productivity? What are the building blocks for an IoT based smart building solution? How the journey looks like? common misconceptions about smart buildings?

“Every building has its own function and personality and the Internet of Things and cognitive computing enable us to understand and control in powerful new ways that will transform the way we manage and experience buildings around the world.” — Jeff Gravenhorst, CEO, ISS


Networking break


Cybersecurity Boot Camp – Basic Steps to Secure Control Systems

Speaker: Andy Schonberger, Director Client Services at Intelligent Buildings, LLC

Operational technology cyber incidents are increasing at an exponential rate. The leading cause is human behavior. Eighty per cent of breaches are due to lack of basic processes, policies, and procedures. According to both NIST and SANS Institute, fundamental to controlling risk is understanding what systems you have, who has access to them, what they are allowed to do once connected, and a record of what actions took place. In this session, we will identify the primary areas that a facility needs to focus on to bolster their risk posture.


Private networks & infrastructure supporting IoT

SBryan Jonespeaker: Bryan Jones, Graybar Canada

  • Edge computing and the trend for connected devices with projections on demand for data in next 5 years
  • AI &  robotics changing the landscape for 5G, DAS and microcell technology
  • Evolution of WiFi and introduction of LiFi
  • Comparison of Copper LAN  to PON with benefits, challenges and impact on architecture and design
  • Infrastructure supporting applications in Building Automation



Networking luncheon


Successful IoT Deployment is Only the Beginning

Speaker: Isabel Friere – Strategic Partnership Lead for Tech Nordic Advocates


Lighting infrastructure

Speaker: To be announced


Networking break


Standards for communications infrastructure

Speaker: To be announced


Smart Building for Multi-Family Residential Properties

Ted Maulucci

Speaker: Ted Maulucci, SmartONE

This session will spell out what Connectivity in Digital Building is, the business benefits it delivers to the organization, review important network design & cybersecurity considerations and conclude with some use cases.

  • Smart Building for Multi-Family Residential Properties – Demystifying the technology and business models.
  • Review the different approaches for networking. (Active versus PON) and pros and cons of each.
  • Speak to different integrations. Using aggregated cloud offerings, versus controlled on premise solutions.
  • Review package and parking control solutions.
  • The software experience.
  • Developing the business model and how a bulk internet strategy can drive the business model.
  •  5G and the looming in building cellular problem and how it fits into the overall strategy.

Closing reception


Andy Schonberger
Director Client Services at Intelligent Buildings, LLC

Andy has 15 years’ experience in various facilities management and technology roles, ranging from large industrial to commercial office. He has held engineering, project management, advisory and hands on implementation roles within each of these industries. He is now Director of Client Services at Smart Building advisory firm Intelligent Buildings, where he helps clients integrate buildings, people and technology to improve operational effectiveness, offer new technology experiences and reduce technology risk.

Andy holds a P.Eng designation in the Province of Ontario, an MBA from the Schulich School of Business, is a LEED Accredited Professional and Certified Energy Manager (CEM).

Bryan Jones

Bryan Jones
Graybar Canada

Bryan established his first company in 1998, providing telecom and building infrastructure services for small businesses. As an entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience supporting building technology in varied environments, he is adept at navigating the emerging world of IoT, convergence of IT/IoT and their disparate systems. Bryan joined Graybar Canada in 2019 with the goal of establishing them as a leader in distribution for the IoT and Intelligent Buildings vertical.

Isabel Freire
Strategic Partnership Lead for Tech Nordic Advocates

Isabel Freire is the Strategic Partnership Lead for Tech Nordic Advocates, helping Nordic and Baltic companies partner with Canadian organizations as well as advising high growth start-ups and scale-ups through the intersection of technology, capital and strategy. She is also an international government advisor on business. Previously, she worked at Gartner as a global IoT and smart cities analyst. She was also a product management leader for IoT, telecoms, and IT at companies such as Rogers, Dell, Microsoft and Motorola. Isabel has an MBA from Rotman and is a certified data privacy professional.  

Nidal Qwasmi
IoT Solution Manager, IBM Canada

Nidal Qwasmi is the Iot Solution Manager at IBM Canada. He has 30 years of experience as a technology leader and researcher with a proven track record of success in empowering businesses with new emerging technologies such as IoT, AI, ML, data analytics and blockchain. Nidal is a recipient of the 2019 GBS, Canada IDEA (Innovation Delivery Excellence Award) Professionals Award, and was a finalist nominee for the 2019 GBS, North America IDEA Professionals Award. Nidal has his BSc. in Computer Science, a Master in Information Technology Security, and a PhD. in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Ted Maulucci

Ted Maulucci
President of SmartONE Solutions Inc.

Ted Maulucci is the president of SmartONE Solutions Inc., a company committed to advancing the digital living experience in communities. He has received several leadership and innovation awards two CIPA Gold Award of Excellence for application development in the real estate industry, and Private Sector Canadian CIO of the Year for his work on advancing smart and connected communities. Ted has an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration from the Schulich School of Business, with a specialization in Real Property Development.

William MacGowan

William MacGowan
Director, Digital Buildings for Cisco’s Industry Transformation Division in Canada

William MacGowan is the Director, Digital Buildings for Cisco’s Industry Transformation Division in Canada. William has extensive experience within the AEC (Architects Engineers Constructors) Space and is intimate in the design, implementation and integration of IOT (Internet of Things) building systems. William has been intimately involved with the progress of open data communication standards and converged Facility + IT (4th Utility) Networks. William has deep knowledge in the areas of Use Case Development, Space Utilization and the Delivery of High Performance Building Value. William is an honors graduate of the Queens University Electrical Engineering Program and is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) with the American Energy Engineers (AEE) Association. William resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


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