Where Internet of Things Theory becomes IoT Practice

Optimize Your Building’s Energy Usage

How much does your business cost to run? From networked heating and cooling to controlled building lighting, find out how IoT Solutions can save you money.

Discover New Operational Efficiencies

IoT Solutions designed to streamline efficiencies are available in all sectors from manufacturing to commercial, medical and institutional to agricultural facilities and more.

Innovate with Improved Maintenance & Security

Buildings IoT and sensor networks can improve security and maintenance operations by collecting data and facilitating routine and predictive operational measures.

Who should attend?

Buildings Owners & Managers

Energy Managers

IT & Communications Professionals

Security Integrators

Electrical & Mechanical Contractors


The Internet of Things: From Theory to Practice

What is Buildings IoT anyway?

The BIoT Forum will cut through all the techno-gobbledygook to explain—in plain language for its delegates—the value of IoT in the spaces and places in which we work and play.

Through its education track, The BIoT Forum will cover real-world examples of IoT in buildings to make a sensible business case for those attending.

The Forum will also demonstrate technologies and solutions that delegates can implement and exploit to achieve proactive energy and resource management, access control, predictive maintenance, measurement and reporting, and more.

Attend Buildings IoT Forum 2020
Get ready to discover new technologies and solutions